Architectural Support Services

The architectural support team offers a variety of professional services. Some services include existing conditions surveying, architectural CAD drafting, color renderings, 3D modeling, high resolution 360 photos, virtual tours, code review, and ADA compliance reports. Our experienced project managers at MDM will assist you on different levels ranging from background tasks to project lead. A key component is to communicate with our clients to create a plan of action to keep a project running on schedule and within budget. If you are considering new finishes or fresh corporate branding, our interior design consultant can provide the guidance you need.

Our Technology

We employ the latest technology available to perform precise as-built surveys. The Leica BLK 360 laser scanner gives our team the ability to collect existing building condition data and generate a 3D point cloud. Using the most current CAD and Revit software, data is taken from the point cloud and translated into floor plans, ceiling plans, and building elevations. Thus, Providing the foundation to bring your project to life no matter the size or scope. MDM is here to provide positive solutions for all of your project needs.

Specialized Services

One unique service our team offers is working with lenders to provide in-progress construction inspections. We will assist in determining the number of inspections required and will conduct them in a timely manner. A confidential progress report including photographs, and the original draw request documents, will be generated. MDM currently provides inspections for residential and commercial building construction, as well as land development projects.